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Loncar Index Sponsors Episode of Novel Targets Podcast


August 17, 2016 --

Today the Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy Index has sponsored a new episode of the Novel Targets Podcast. Novel Targets is a widely-respected program about the science and people involved in the development of innovative new drugs, gene and cell therapies. Pieter Droppert is the host/producer, and Sally Church, PhD is executive producer. Pieter and Sally's research is admired across the entire industry for good reason, and it is our pleasure to have an opportunity to support their great work.

The episode we have sponsored (Episode 14) is about the CAR-T approach to immunotherapy. The podcast is editorially independent – sponsors have no control over content, who is interviewed, or what topics are discussed.


Opinions expressed are those of the author or cancer researchers who are interviewed, are subject to change, are not intended to be a forecast of future events, a guarantee of future results, nor investment advice. 

We hope you enjoy the program.   


Episode 14:  How do we make CAR-T cell therapy more safe and effective? How can we target solid tumors? You'll hear from two cell therapy pioneers: Dr. Michael Jensen of Seattle Children’s Research Institute & Dr. Michel Sadelain of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

Loncar Investments, LLC : P.O Box 15072, Lenexa, KS  66285 : 913-871-5007 : Not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell securities

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