Loncar China BioPharma Index Conducts Semi-Annual Rebalance

Three New Biotechnology Companies Added to the Index

Lenexa, KS -- August 13, 2019 -- Loncar Investments, LLC today announced the result of the semi-annual rebalance of the Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA), the world’s first global benchmark tracking the performance of companies leading China’s biotech revolution.

Companies added: CanSino Biologics (HK: 6185), Hansoh Pharmaceuticals (HK: 3692), and Viva Biotech Holdings (HK: 1873).

The following companies no longer meet the index's liquidity threshold and have been subtracted: Austar Lifesciences (HK: 6118), Ascletic Pharma (HK: 1672), and China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare (HK: 512). Essex and Lee's Essex and Lee’s will be eligible for re-inclusion during future semi-annual meetings.


Effective this week, all index holdings have been rebalanced according to the index's modified equal weighting methodology. The index is rebalanced and reconstituted semi-annually. The next rebalance will occur on February 10, 2020.  

Professional Industry Index: The Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA) uses a modified equal-weighting approach to track 29 leaders powering China’s biopharma revolution. It is rebalanced and reconstituted on a semi-annual basis. Price and return data are independently calculated on a daily basis by Indxx, LLC. Quotes for the symbol “LCHINA" can be found on the Bloomberg Professional service, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Google Finance, www.LoncarIndex.com and other financial data providers. The closing value corresponds to the close of Nasdaq each day.


Index provider: Loncar Investments, LLC is committed to making the biotechnology space more approachable to a wider range of investors. It incorporates extensive research into biotech companies and technologies to develop stock market indexes that are focused on precise investment opportunities. Its first two indexes are the Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy Sector Index (LCINDX) and the Loncar China BioPharma Industry Index (LCHINA). The company is principally owned by biotech investor and analyst Brad Loncar


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Jill Tatios for Loncar Investments



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