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Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy Index Conducts Semi-Annual Rebalance


Seven Biotechnology Companies Added to the Index


Lenexa, KS -- December 20, 2022 -- Loncar Investments, LLC today announced the result of the semi-annual rebalance and reconstitution of the Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy Index, a stock index of top companies developing cancer immunotherapy treatments and discovering new ways to use the body’s immune system to fight cancer. 

For the December meeting, the committee has added seven immunotherapy companies. They are Agenus (Nasdaq: AGEN), Bicycle Therapeutics (Nasdaq: BCYC), Immatics (Nasdaq: IMTX), Inhibrx (Nasdaq: INBX), Janux Therapeutics (Nasdaq: JANX), Moderna (Nasdaq: MRNA), and Rapt Therapeutics (Nasdaq: RAPT).


These companies replace AstraZeneca (Nasdaq: AZN), Celularity (Nasdaq: CELU), I-Mab Biopharma (Nasdaq: IMAB), Instil Bio (Nasdaq: TIL), Nektar Therapeutics (Nasdaq: NKTR), NGM Bio (Nasdaq: NGM), and Nkarta (Nasdaq: NKTX).

Brad Loncar, CEO of Loncar Investments and Chairman of the Index Committee had the following comments, “The remainder of 2022 since our June semi-annual rebalance has continued to be very difficult for the biotechnology sector and immunotherapy companies in the capital markets. As it relates to new therapies reaching patients, October saw the first approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration of a bi-specific antibody targeting the BCMA antigen for multiple myeloma. There are multiple immunotherapy companies in our index working on bi-specific antibodies and we are glad to see this modality reach the market and be added to the cancer fighting toolkit along with technologies like CAR-T cellular immunotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors.”


Effective this week, all index holdings have been rebalanced to hold equal weight. The index is rebalanced and reconstituted semi-annually. The next rebalance will occur on June 20, 2023. 


Loncar Investments is an official partner of the Cancer Research Institute, the world’s longest running nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to harnessing the immune system’s power to conquer all cancers. To learn about how to give to CRI, please visit here.


Why immunotherapy:  Cancer immunotherapy has become an important sector in the biotechnology space and is changing the way many cancers are treated. While traditional medicines like chemotherapies often give cancer a broad punch, the benefit of using immunotherapy is derived from the immune system's dynamic nature and the way it can more precisely be tailored to fight a patient's disease.  


About the index:  The Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy Index is an equal-weighted index of top immunotherapy companies rebalanced and reconstituted on a semi-annual basis. Price and return data are independently calculated on a daily basis by Indxx, LLC. Additional information can be found at the index’s dedicated website,


Index provider:  Loncar Investments, LLC is committed to making the biotechnology space more approachable to a wider range of investors. It incorporates extensive research into biotech companies and technologies to develop stock market indexes that are focused on precise investment opportunities. The company is principally owned by biotech investor and analyst Brad Loncar.



Loncar Investments, LLC : P.O Box 15072, Lenexa, KS  66285 : 913-871-5007 : Not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell securities

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