Loncar Investments Launches China BioPharma Index


LCHINA is the world's first global benchmark to track the growth of China's biopharma industry


Lenexa, KS -- March 14, 2018 -- Loncar Investments, LLC today announced the launch of the Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA), the world’s first global benchmark tracking the performance of companies leading China’s biotech revolution. LCHINA is the first and only stock market index available to the public that follows China’s biopharma industry from both its regional and U.S. listed perspective.


With a focus on innovators, the index contains globally-listed pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, drug manufacturers, diagnostics companies, wholesalers, distributors and service providers that play a strategic role in growing China’s drug industry.  


“China’s biopharma industry is on the cusp of a true revolution that has global implications,” said Brad Loncar, CEO of Loncar Investments. “Until today, no good stock market index existed as a benchmark for following this important trend. LCHINA is designed to be a global standard that anyone can use to quantify and track China’s exciting biotech story going forward.”


The index uses a modified equal-weighting methodology that aims to capture both the significant potential of China’s overall biopharma industry and the entrepreneurial spirit of innovators transforming it today. LCHINA currently has 32 holdings, including Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group, BeiGene, Genscript Biotech, Zai Lab and Hutchison China MediTech. Index values are reported each day to global index data providers.


Chinese biopharma innovators with global ambitions will most likely list on either the Nasdaq or the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) considering their deep pools of sophisticated biopharma investors and high corporate governance standards. These exchanges’ global presence and ease of access also make them well-suited for investors who want to track an index. Therefore, LCHINA inclusion is limited to companies on Nasdaq and HKEX at this time.


Upcoming Conference Participation: Brad Loncar will be attending the China Healthcare Investment Conference (CHIC) from March 27-29 in Shanghai, China and is available for one-on-one meetings for those interested in learning more about the Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA). 


Professional Industry Index: The Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA) uses a modified equal-weighting approach to track more than 30 leaders powering China’s biopharma revolution. It is rebalanced and reconstituted on a semi-annual basis. Price and return data are independently calculated on a daily basis by Indxx, LLC. Quotes for the symbol “LCHINA" can be found on the Bloomberg Professional service, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Google Finance, www.LoncarIndex.com and other financial data providers. The closing value corresponds to the close of Nasdaq each day.


Index provider: Loncar Investments, LLC is committed to making the biotechnology space more approachable to a wider range of investors. It incorporates extensive research into biotech companies and technologies to develop stock market indexes that are focused on precise investment opportunities. Its first two indexes are the Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy Sector Index (LCINDX) and the Loncar China BioPharma Industry Index (LCHINA). The company is principally owned by biotech investor and analyst Brad Loncar


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Jill Tatios for Loncar Investments



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